Get your content an A+ with engaging tools

Active participation and commenting are key signs of content effectiveness

Engagement in your content promotes familiarity and loyalty from your readers.


Engagement increases when there's professional and user-generated content.


Time on site increases when social content is integrated on a website

A new style of publisher who doesn't rely on Google has emerged.
BuzzFeed style sites rely on stirring emotion which then turns into highly shareable content.
Increasing on page interaction tells Google your content is interesting.
Traditional style publishers need to adapt to this new way of thinking.

Great content isn't about the content itself, but the emotion it can evoke from its audience. It's all about stirring emotion.

Humans are inherently emotional beings. They like to feel and, when they do, they also like to share it with their friends and family.

Buzzfeed realize that evoking emotion is more important than the journalistic quality of the content itself.

Make your content interactive!

Easily create and publish polls and other interactive tools on your site
to increase engagement, gauge audience feedback and gather opinions.

With buzz.poll you can send users from one interactive page to another.

Make your Content
35% Interaction Rate
Increased Dwell
times on page
Increased Sharing
of your Content
A New way to Monitize
Capture Data and Gain Insight
Keep Readers Circulating
Full Commenting
Anonymous user

Gain Valuable Insights into your users

Understand more about your users and allow advertisers to reach these users at the right time.

  • Male
  • 33 years
  • Owns PS4
  • Buying 4K TV Soon
  • Wants to get fit
  • Would use finance to purchase a car

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